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 Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Krytan Areas

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Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Krytan Areas  Empty
PostSubject: Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Krytan Areas    Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Krytan Areas  EmptyWed May 22, 2013 11:21 am

Krytan Areas

World LocationVendor NameArea inside MapItem available to buyCost in Karma
QueensdaleFarmer DiahShaemoor FieldsWurm Tooth (Accessory)63
QueensdaleFarmer DiahShaemoor FieldsLoaf of Bread (Consumable)35
QueensdaleFarmer DiahShaemoor FieldsCrude Salavge Kit28
QueensdaleFisher TravisShaemoor FieldsDrake Scale (Accessory)70
QueensdaleFisher TravisShaemoor FieldsRotten Egg (Consumable)14
QueensdaleFisher TravisShaemoor Fields
Crude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleForeman FlannumWestern Divinity DamHarpy Feather70
QueensdaleForeman FlannumWestern Divinity DamDam Debris14
QueensdaleForeman FlannumWestern Divinity DamIron Mining Pick49
QueensdaleForeman FlannumWestern Divinity DamCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleFarmer EdaShaemoor FieldsMeasuring Spoon (Accessory)84
QueensdaleFarmer EdaShaemoor FieldsRecipe - Eda's Apple Pie (Cooking)189
QueensdaleFarmer EdaShaemoor FieldsApples in Bulk (Cooking)35
QueensdaleFarmer EdaShaemoor FieldsSlice of Eda's Apple Pie (Food)14
QueensdaleFarmer EdaShaemoor FieldsCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleFarmer EdaShaemoor FieldsNutmeg Seeds in Bulk (Cooking)35
QueensdaleCassieShaemoor FieldsMoa Collar (Accessory)91
QueensdaleCassieShaemoor FieldsMoa Ranchers Torch70
QueensdaleCassieShaemoor FieldsCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleSeraph soldier DiedraShaemoor GarrisonSeraph Emblem (Accessory)98
QueensdaleSeraph soldier DiedraShaemoor GarrisonGarrison Gloves (Light, Medium, Heavy)70
QueensdaleSeraph soldier DiedraShaemoor GarrisonSeraph Standard Rations21
QueensdaleSeraph soldier DiedraShaemoor GarrisonCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleLaborer CardyQueens ForestCentaur Axe119
QueensdaleLaborer CardyQueens ForestIron Logging Axe49
QueensdaleLaborer CardyQueens ForestCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleHunter BlockQueens ForestBoar Tusk126
QueensdaleHunter BlockQueens ForestHunters Short Bow147
QueensdaleHunter BlockQueens ForestLongbow147
QueensdaleHunter BlockQueens ForestHunting Pistol98
QueensdaleHunter BlockQueens ForestCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleFisherman WillShire of BeetletunFish Hook (Accessory)133
QueensdaleFisherman WillShire of BeetletunAquabreather (Light, Medium, Heavy)133
QueensdaleFisherman WillShire of BeetletunTrident161
QueensdaleFisherman WillShire of BeetletunWill's Spear161
QueensdaleFisherman WillShire of BeetletunSpeargun161
QueensdaleFisherman WillShire of BeetletunCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdalePadenShire of BeetletunChewed Dog Whistle (Accessory)154
QueensdalePadenShire of BeetletunBeetletun Chestpiece (Light, Medium, Heavy)182
QueensdalePadenShire of BeetletunIron Harvesting Sickle49
QueensdalePadenShire of BeetletunCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleFarmer NelShire of BeetletunRusty Iron Key (Accessory)161
QueensdaleFarmer NelShire of BeetletunSeraph Dog Tags (Amulet)252
QueensdaleFarmer NelShire of BeetletunBroken Prison Bar (Consumable)28
QueensdaleFarmer NelShire of BeetletunCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleBrother VinceKrytan FreeholdsMonks Beer Stein (Accesory)168
QueensdaleBrother VinceKrytan FreeholdsStein of Golden Ale (Consumable)35
QueensdaleBrother VinceKrytan FreeholdsRecipe - Ascalonian Herbs (Cooking)91
QueensdaleBrother VinceKrytan FreeholdsCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleVeteran KrugTamin FoothillsEttin Nosering (Accessory)168
QueensdaleVeteran KrugTamin FoothillsBone (Consumable)35
QueensdaleVeteran KrugTamin FoothillsRecipe - Ettin Stew (Cooking)91
QueensdaleVeteran KrugTamin FoothillsCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleHistorian GarrodGodslost SwampPetrified Ectoplasm (Accessory)175
QueensdaleHistorian GarrodGodslost SwampLost Focus140
QueensdaleHistorian GarrodGodslost SwampPortal Shatterer (Scepter)140
QueensdaleHistorian GarrodGodslost SwampHistorians Staff210
QueensdaleHistorian GarrodGodslost SwampCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleSeraph Soldier ElmderThe HeartwoodsCentaur Arrowhead126
QueensdaleSeraph Soldier ElmderThe HeartwoodsRecovered Leggings140
QueensdaleSeraph Soldier ElmderThe HeartwoodsElmders Mace98
QueensdaleSeraph Soldier ElmderThe HeartwoodsElmders Warhorn98
QueensdaleSeraph Soldier ElmderThe HeartwoodsCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleLexi PriceScaver PlateauRare Ascalonian Coin105
QueensdaleLexi PriceScaver PlateauTrading Stompers (Light, Medium, Heavy)84
QueensdaleLexi PriceScaver PlateauTraders Dagger84
QueensdaleLexi PriceScaver PlateauCrude Salvage Kit28
QueensdaleCaptain LindelTownship of ClaypoolClaypool Militia Badge (Accessory)119
QueensdaleCaptain LindelTownship of ClaypoolMilitia Rifle140
QueensdaleCaptain LindelTownship of ClaypoolMilitia Sword91
QueensdaleCaptain LindelTownship of ClaypoolMilitia Shield91
QueensdaleCaptain LindelTownship of ClaypoolCrude Salvage kit28
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Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Krytan Areas
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