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 Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Shiverpeak Areas

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Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Shiverpeak Areas Empty
PostSubject: Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Shiverpeak Areas   Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Shiverpeak Areas EmptyWed May 22, 2013 11:18 am

Shiverpeak Areas
World LocationVendor NameArea inside MapItem available to buyCost in Karma
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman SigrythaSnowlord's GateRaven Totem (Accessory)63
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman SigrythaSnowlord's GateRaven Offering (Consumable)21
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman SigrythaSnowlord's GateCrude Salavge Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman FregunnBorealis ForestBear Offering (Consumable)21
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman FregunnBorealis ForestBear Totem (Accessory)70
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman FregunnBorealis Forest
Crude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsSkaald FearinGrawlenfjordFiendish Grawl Artwork (Accessory)70
Wayfarer FoothillsSkaald FearinGrawlenfjordGrawl Snack (Food)14
Wayfarer FoothillsSkaald FearinGrawlenfjordCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman VigmarrOutcast's CleftWolf Totem (Accessory)84
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman VigmarrOutcast's CleftWolf Offering (Consumable)28
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman VigmarrOutcast's CleftPotion of Wolf Transformation105
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman VigmarrOutcast's CleftCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsGrimarr MolesmasherOutcast's CleftDented Dredge Gear (Accessory)91
Wayfarer FoothillsGrimarr MolesmasherOutcast's CleftMolesmasher Gloves (Light, Medium, Heavy)63
Wayfarer FoothillsGrimarr MolesmasherOutcast's CleftMolesmasher (Mace)70
Wayfarer FoothillsGrimarr MolesmasherOutcast's CleftCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman SigarrBorealis ForestSnow Leopard Totem (Accessory)70
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman SigarrBorealis ForestSnow Leopard Offering (Consumable)21
Wayfarer FoothillsShaman SigarrBorealis ForestCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsCarman FawntrackerTalgan GrovesEmpty Honey Pot (Accessory)105
Wayfarer FoothillsCarman FawntrackerTalgan GrovesIron Logging Axe49
Wayfarer FoothillsCarman FawntrackerTalgan GrovesCleaver70
Wayfarer FoothillsCarman FawntrackerTalgan GrovesRecipe - Wooden Sword (Weaponsmith)35
Wayfarer FoothillsCarman FawntrackerTalgan GrovesCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsBjarniHangrammr ClimbHare Totem (Accessory)98
Wayfarer FoothillsBjarniHangrammr ClimbCelery Staks in Bulk (Cooking)35
Wayfarer FoothillsBjarniHangrammr ClimbIrone Harvesting Sickle49
Wayfarer FoothillsBjarniHangrammr ClimbRecipe - Bjarni's Celery Snack (Cooking)49
Wayfarer FoothillsAlbin ChroniclerThe IcesteppesGreen Beans in Bulk (Cooking)35
Wayfarer FoothillsAlbin ChroniclerThe IcesteppesAncient Jotun Runeston (Accessory)119
Wayfarer FoothillsAlbin ChroniclerThe IcesteppesCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsSheriff PadraThe IcesteppesTwinspur Pistol91
Wayfarer FoothillsSheriff PadraThe IcesteppesTwinspur Rifle140
Wayfarer FoothillsSheriff PadraThe IcesteppesLionguard-Issue Greatsword189
Wayfarer FoothillsTor The TallHunters LakeSmashed Dragon Totem (Accessory)133
Wayfarer FoothillsTor The TallHunters LakeTor's Coat (Light, Medium, Heavy)161
Wayfarer FoothillsTor The TallHunters LakeCharged Scepter105
Wayfarer FoothillsTor The TallHunters LakeCharged Focus105
Wayfarer FoothillsTor The TallHunters LakeCharged Staff161
Wayfarer FoothillsTor The TallHunters LakeCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsSurveyor FalkiThe IcesteppesTiny Dredge Tuning Fork (Accessory)140
Wayfarer FoothillsSurveyor FalkiThe IcesteppesMining Hammer168
Wayfarer FoothillsSurveyor FalkiThe IcesteppesIron Mining Pick49
Wayfarer FoothillsSurveyor FalkiThe IcesteppesCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsMaster RapidstepDolyak PassDolyak-Herding Bell (Accessory)168
Wayfarer FoothillsMaster RapidstepDolyak PassCarving Knife133
Wayfarer FoothillsMaster RapidstepDolyak PassRecipe - Dolyak Stew (Cooking)49
Wayfarer FoothillsMaster RapidstepDolyak PassCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsSheriff AstaHalvaunt SnowfieldCrossroads Lionscout Badge (Accessory)161
Wayfarer FoothillsSheriff AstaHalvaunt SnowfieldSurplus Lionguard Boots (Light, Medium, Heavy)126
Wayfarer FoothillsSheriff AstaHalvaunt SnowfieldCrude Salvage Kit28
Wayfarer FoothillsLionscout AlliSvanir's DomeFrozen Ballista Arrowhead (Accessory)175
Wayfarer FoothillsLionscout AlliSvanir's DomeSurplus Leggings (Light, Medium, Heavy)196
Wayfarer FoothillsLionscout AlliSvanir's DomeLionguard-Issue Shield140
Wayfarer FoothillsLionscout AlliSvanir's DomeLionguard-Issue Sword140
Wayfarer FoothillsLionscout AlliSvanir's DomeCrude Salvage Kit28
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Karma Vendors List - Renowned Hearts - Shiverpeak Areas
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